Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lit-opoly #1

Autumn Sanders             Dear America: Christmas after all Great Depression Diary of Minnie Swift

The Great Depression diary of Minnie Swift
By: Kristina Gregory
Genre: historical fiction

The diary of Miinie Swift has many characters , from an elementary teacher to a cousin from Texas. Minnie and Willie have the most different characteristics and life styles.

Minnie Swift is a young lady living in Indiana while living in the Great Depression. Minnie is an 11 year old girl living through the Great Depression. Minnie was one of the "rich" kids in 6th grade. So she went to one of the nicer schools. She has had a hard time adjusting to the Great Depression. She had to adjust to not getting everything her way. The last important thing I could tell you about Minnie  is that she helps her cousin get used to Indiana. Minnie is a really sweet, kind young lady who helps people.

Willow Faye is an 11 year old girl who just moved to Indiana from Texas. The living environment in Texas is already like the Great Depression. Now that the Great Depression started the living environment is even worse then before. When Minnie tries to help her she believes she is like a paradise. On page 23 paragraph 4 it states this following sentence: " she started to roll up a blanket and put it under the window seel ,
what are you doing, keeping the dust out,
 we do not have dust storms here". Willie also helped Minnie through the Great Depression.

At the beginning of the story Minnie is not really sure how she will like Willie. Willie is kind of nervous and sticks out of the crowd. "And there she was just standing there by the train platform with a basket blocking her face and a suitcase in the other. When I walked up to her she won't say a thing..." Towards the middle of the story she starts to warm up to Minnie. On the first day of school they put her in 4th grade even though she should have been in 6th. At the end of the story they have a sister relationship. "When we saw the gifts under the tree we opened them and exchanged them. I think we formed a bond; a sister bond".

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes book about historical events told from someone's perspective, stories of how families are formed and create a trusting bond with each other. I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars because,  it is really interesting and fun to read. It puts you in the place of Minnie for an even better reading experience.


  1. I like your blog about the story.

  2. Wow interesting Autumn! :D you put so much work into it!👸🏼🖐🏻👍

  3. Congrats on your first reading blog! I love how you focused on two specific characters and how they are relating to one another. Nice work!